bac nutrients


Pro   Active

Stimulates the growth of the beneficial micro-organisms in your medium for the benefit of absorbing the nutrients through the roots.

Stimulates the multiplication of the beneficial micro-organisms in your medium ensuring faster absorption and transport of the nutrients (K) in the plants.

BAC Final Solution is the most concentrated enzyme product on the market, only 3 application the whole grow, provides quick fermentation of all waste around the root/root hairs.

BAC Foliar Nutrition ensures the quick creation of chlorophyll (green colour) in the leaf. it stimulates the micro-organisms living on and in the leaf (photosynthesis bacteria) that ensure the creation of chlorophyll and also keeps mold at bay.

BAC Pro-Active consists of a mega concentrated mix of various vegetable amino acids, vitamins and protein.



BAC Organic pellets are organic fertiliser pellets for enhancing reused soil and cocos.

BAC lime is of very high quality for upgrading the used soil and coco. This lime must always be mixed through the medium properly.

Super Powerful mycorrhizae fungi, one application the whole grow

100% natural product. Revolutionary product to improve and fasten seed germination!

Plant Vitality Plus can be used in every plant cycle. even during bloom. Kills Spider mites and white flies and also mold on contract.

Bio Clone

100% natural cuttings gel For an optimum start of cutting material. Quick rooting and excellent growth.